Maya Cerutti

I teach fitness as a way of life, the discipline that connects us with our own self and the means to experience emotions as we release them.

It is a path that leads to truly understanding ourselves, what we can accomplish today and what we will accomplish tomorrow.

When I dance, I'm who I want to be.
when I dance, I'm free.

Sculpt and tone your muscles in a fun, high-energy class that combines Latin rhythms and my easy-to-follow choreography.

There's Zumba and then there's MAYA!

Luisa F.

fun, feisty and fabulous!

Angela D.

the energy hour!

Marlo N.

Maya uses her own unique and funky choreography to deliver a solid hour of non-stop aerobics, all with a huge smile and lots of spirit and style!

Laura K.

a fun, energetic workout for ALL fitness levels!

Nicole J.

Mighty Maya Makes you Move More!

Tanya W.

March Cancelled due to COVID-19

Monday Wednesday Friday Sunday

Dance Studio


Dance Studio


Dance Studio


Dance Studio


Lake House


De Winton
Community Hall


Please Note: your Fit Card gives you access to any of the available locations. To participate in my DeWinton classes, you must pay a one-time yearly community member fee of $20 - your first DeWinton class is on me! happening not happening to be announced halloween

  • Chaparral Lake House is located at 225 Chaparral Drive SE
  • Revolution Dance Studio is located at 239 Midpark Blvd. SE
  • De Winton Community Hall is located at 114 Macleod Trail South (De Winton)

When I first started with Maya, I was beyond out of shape. I also hated every type of fitness I had tried before — going to the gym, random classes, videos at home. The first day I saw her she said she would make me love fitness as much as she does and I thought, "no way". Well, a year later I can honestly say she kept her word! I am in the best shape of my life, I look and feel better than I ever thought I could, and I love training. Maya makes fitness fun and you see results quickly which makes it easy to want to keep going. I would absolutely recommend training with Maya to anyone.

Jill M.

Someone who hasn't caught the fitness bug never believes the statement "working out is addictive". Before I started working with Maya I wouldn't believe you either, 4 years later here I am. Training with Maya has changed my life and I have gained a lifelong friend. She pushes you, creates unique routines and builds your confidence with each and every session. I was able to keep up with my routine throughout my entire pregnancy which I am so thankful for. Maya's attitude and dedication to fitness and healthy living is inspirational and motivation in itself. I recommend her skills as a trainer to anyone who desires to start a new healthy habit and lifestyle.

Sylvia W.

I love training with Maya. I spent a lot of years trying different gyms and classes, always losing motivation and giving up after a few weeks or months. Unlike those past attempts, my training sessions with Maya have succeeded in making me stronger and healthier, because I look forward to working out with her. The sessions are fun, effective, and full of variety, so I keep going back!

Laili A.

I have been training one-on-one with Maya since 2012 and have seen dramatic changes in my physical appearance, energy level and strength. Maya Cerutti is passionate about fitness and it shows through her high energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. What makes Maya different from the other trainer is her ability to makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly fun! Maya is a truly authentic excellent trainer. She is the perfect combination of tough and warm. I fully recommend Maya to anyone.

Janet R.

Are you Ready for a Challenge?

Let me show you the way to a better and healthier life! Everyone's challenge is different and may includes meal plans, weight routines, measurements, body fat tracking and dancing.

I will teach you how to live life without dieting ever again, you will learn to love exercising. We will push your body to the limit — get that adrenaline kick that pumps you up and makes you feel incredible.

Please be advised: we can only get there if you are 100% ready to commit.
(If our mind was a muscle, it'd be the strongest in our body: it can make us or break us.)

Certifications & Awards

  • Can Fit Pro Calgary AB
  • NSCA Personal Trainer Mexico City
  • Les Mills Body Pump
  • Zumba Basic, Zumba Gold, Zumbatomic
  • Beat It
  • Drum It
  • Latin Ballroom
  • CPR Qualified
  • 2008 Fame — 1st Place, Figure Competitor